Better build names in Jenkins

I'm becoming a real fan of the task runner Jenkins. It's very helpful in a team to keep a record of branches built and various deployments that is kept in a shared location. One of the problems with Grunt alone is that it is quite easy to build a local branch that perhaps is still uncommited and make a product no-one else in the team can reproduce. An agreement to create builds Grunt builds through Jenkins helps solve that problem, since any resources available to Jenkins can also be available to your other teammates.
Maybe it's the lack of sunlight in winter, but I've become fixated in making the information provided from Jenkins more useful in a dashboard kind of way.
One of the first little steps with a great payoff is to modify the build name that is stored in the log to be more helpful than a sequesntial number.
This is achieved by installing the build-name-setter in Jenkins plugin and modifying the name to be a concatination of variables in the environment or provided by Jenkins itself. These variables are resolved in two passes: once when the job first kicks off and once again at the end. Any variables placed into ENV by inputs to the Jenkins job can be accessed through ENV through the syntax ${ENV,var="Branch_name"}. If you want a list of variables that are available for use due to the inner workings of Jenkins there is a helpful one provided by clicking the '?' button next to the branch name input.